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William Enslen is a United States Naval Academy graduate, former Marine Corps officer, currently works as a reliability engineer, and routinely works with numbers and probabilities. Statistics fascinate him. That's why he loves craps.Throughout his career, he's had technical papers published in a variety of professional journals. He enjoys writing but never thought seriously about creating a website. One day, he woke up and the kids were grown. He rolled out of bed and found himself with spare time. He started making notes and eventually compiled them all into articles about craps. Of all the subjects in the world, why craps? The saying goes, "Write what you know, what you love, what you're passionate about." For William, that's craps because of the math involved.

Notice that no page of his website contains an affiliate banner. He's not interested making a few dollars by enticing you to join an online casino. Instead, he's interested in teaching you the game. He provides the details that most other websites don't. That's because those websites don't care about teaching anything to anyone. They care only about getting you to deposit your hard-earned money into an online casino. And that's why they don't bother to take the time to explain the details so you can fully understand how to play the game. Unlike most other craps and gambling-related websites, William doesn't offer false hope or prey on your blazing desire to beat the casino. Instead, he explains the reality of the game and how to optimize your fun and excitement without losing your shirt. Without fully understanding the game and the truth behind the numbers, you're vulnerable to believing bizarre claims that you can consistently beat the casino.