Rules Craps Etiquette

Personal etiquette at a live casino craps table is more about common sense and courtesy than anything else. Apply the following principles and you'll have a lot more fun at the table.

The best tip about craps etiquette is to be nice and polite. Don't be a jerk to the dealers or criticize other players. Don't be a know-it-all constantly explaining all the wrong things the guy next to you is doing. If a player asks for your help or clarification of what just happened, then be nice and spread the knowledge, but don't offer help if no one asks you for it. Say "please" and "thank you" to the dealers. A little courtesy goes a long way to increasing your fun at the table.

Learn the game. Know the various bets, their odds, and payoffs. Don't delay the game by asking questions about why you got paid a certain amount.

Never say the word "seven" during a game. If you must say the dreaded "S" word, say it after the shooter sevens-out. Even the most sensible people are superstitious at a casino craps table. When they lose, they must blame someone for their bad luck. Don't give them an opportunity to blame you. Don't curse the dice with your bad-luck mojo by saying the word "seven" during a game. Yes, it's silly, but you you'll save yourself a lot of aggravation by accepting the fact that people have these ridiculous superstitions.

Don't spill your drink or flick your cigarette ashes on the craps table layout. Turn away from the table when taking a gulp of beer or sucking on your cigarette. Have courtesy and blow your cigarette smoke straight up. The casino's air-handling system will draw it up and minimize how much of it we inhale. People usually stand to your side and behind you, so tilt you head back and blow straight up. Be considerate of others. Wait until the dice are in the middle of the table to buy-in or make a bet. Don't make late bets. When the stickman pushes the dice to the shooter, don't try to make last-minute bets.

If the shooter is at the opposite end of the table from you, don't hang your arms and hands over the railing into the playing area. If the dice hit your hands, guess who gets blamed for causing a seven to appear. You! Stupid people need someone to blame for their bad luck. If the dice hit your hands and a 7 appears, they blame you.

If you're a "Don't Pass" player (i.e., Don't Pass), don't root for a 7 and don't cheer when a 7 appears. Most people play the "Do" or Pass Line and you'll make them mad by rooting for a 7. The game isn't as much fun if the entire table hates you. They won't like you because of the simple fact that you're playing the Don't Pass, so don't make it worse by screaming, "Yes, I love the seven," when the shooter rolls a seven-out.

Don't waste time setting the dice before each roll. Read the lesson on Dice Control about the silliness of the concept of dice control (a.k.a. dice setting). Dice control does one thing and one thing only--it delays the game. If you believe in dice control and take forever to set the dice before each roll, then you show everyone at the table your ignorance. The idea of dice control is just plain silly. Don't do it. If you believe in dice control, then you're either gullible or just plan stupid.

Don't blow on the dice before each roll. Your lucky mojo isn't going to transfer to the dice through your bad breath. The only things that transfer to the dice are your germs. Don't bang the table with the dice before each roll. It's okay to gently tap the table, but don't overdo it. When rolling the dice, don't aim for chip stacks on the opposite end of the table, and don't throw the dice at the mirror. It's okay if the dice hit chips and knock them out of position as long as the crew knows you're not intentionally doing it. Don't throw the dice so hard that they bounce and fly off the table. Don't constantly complain and cry about other players, the dealers, or anything. If you don't have anything nice to say, then please leave. We don't want to hear you whine about your life's problems. We don't care. We're there to have fun, so take your misery elsewhere. Don't forget to tip the dealers. They make minimum wage so they rely on tips. I usually make a $5 Pass bet for the crew every 30 minutes, or a $1 Hardway bet every 15 or 20 minutes. The dealers greatly appreciate those bets and you'll be surprised at how much more fun the dealers can make your time at the table.