How To Play Craps

Please note: This isn't the prettiest website, but it's the best place to learn how to play craps. In making this "craps how to" site, my focus was to provide substance and useful information about all aspects of how to play craps, not to catch your eye with cute pictures and graphics. Everything you need to know about craps rules and craps betting is here in an easy-to-understand "craps how to" format and it's all FREE!

  • Do you want to learn craps for free?
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If you answered yes to any of the above, then read this website. It's all here for free! See the subjects below for each easy-to-understand lesson. Then, click on the link below for the syllabus page.

Other gambling-related websites typically exist as a means to advertise online casinos where the site owner is an affiliate hoping you'll click on one of those fancy banners and then deposit money in a particular online casino. Affiliates make money by directing visitors (like you) to those online casinos. They don't care about teaching you anything. Their sites exist solely to get you to click on one of those banners and join an online casino. That's why they typically provide a only a few words on each topic that oftentimes don't explain concepts in adequate detail. Not this site! You won't find a single gambling-related affiliate banner anywhere on my site. My only intent is for you to learn craps, learn a real craps strategy, learn craps rules, learn about craps betting, and learn to play craps like a seasoned player. I'm not making a nickel as an affiliate of any online casino.

Other craps websites typically explain the basics briefly and in such general terms that you're often left scratching your head wondering what it all means. Not this site! I take the time to lay out sufficient "craps how to" details in an easy-to-understand manner so you'll be ready to make your first craps bet and play craps with all the confidence of a veteran player. So-called "winning craps strategies" are a dime a dozen and are worthless. If anyone tells you that he has a winning craps system or craps strategy for consistently winning gobs of money, then you should run away quickly! The truth about such a clown is that he's either lying through his teeth to cheat you or he's too stupid to know better. Read the lesson on winning craps strategies. Do you think craps dice control (a.k.a. dice setting) is legitimate and something you can actually master over time? Is dice control real or just a clever hoax to cheat you out of your hard-earned money? Read the lesson on dice control for a dose of reality. Learn to play craps in the real world, not in a fairy tale land of B.S. and wishful thinking.

Put your new craps knowledge and craps strategy into practice by trying an online casino. Whether you prefer to play craps online or at a live casino, you should practice making craps bets for small amounts and get thoroughly familiar with the craps strategy that you favor most. If you can't decide which online casino to try first, then sample several and pick the one that provides the best casino bonus and offers a low minimum craps betting amount. Start with a small craps bet until you fully understand the game. Then, you can progress to making bigger craps bets while ensuring you follow the proper craps rules.

You truly learn craps by playing it; however, you must first read the craps how-to information in the lessons below to get a good understanding of the game theory and actual game play. Craps is so much fun; you'll love it whether you play at one of your favorite online casinos or a live casino. Playing casino craps online can be as fun, exciting, and satisfying as playing in traditional live casinos. The key is finding a good online casino that best suits your needs. Google the keyword "online casinos" and you'll find many choices. Visit several, browse what they have to offer, check out their graphics and game selection, and make sure they offer low craps betting amounts. If you don't know where to start, Google "online casino reviews" and you'll find sites that provide a summary of information about various online casinos. They provide reviews, analysis, and ratings for many casinos online. Many also provide craps how-to tips that might supplement the knowledge you'll gain by reading the lessons below.

  • Craps How To: Basic Premise and Rules of Craps
  • Craps How To: Table Crew
  • Craps How To: Table and Equipment
  • Craps How To: Table Layout
  • Craps Rules for Rolling the Dice
  • Craps Dice Control
  • Rules Craps Betting: Flat Craps Bets and Pass Line Bet

Let's get started learning how to play craps and making craps bets. The lessons are laid out in logical order, so if you're a craps novice, it's best to read them in sequence. If you skip around, you might find a term or concept that you don't understand. Therefore, it's best to start at the beginning and go sequentially through the lessons.

How to Win at Craps: Hedging Your Craps Bets

Learn why hedging your craps bets is a bad craps betting technique. Rules craps don't allow you any way to gain an advantage or protect one craps bet with another.Don't play craps using hedges. Learn craps properly in this craps how-to.

How to Win at Craps: Variance

Variance is the statistical phenomenon that enables you to win. This craps how-to teaches you exactly what "variance" is and why it enables you to win. if you play craps, you must understand "variance."

How to Win at Craps: Winning Systems and Craps Strategies

It is critical for you to understand that no craps betting system or craps strategy will win over the long-term. The rules craps never allow you to gain the advantage.

Don't believe shysters who try to sell you a winning craps strategy. This craps how-to teaches you that there's no such thing as a winning craps strategy.

How to Win at Craps: The Gambler's Fallacy

When you play craps, you must never play according to the Gambler's Fallacy. If you use that craps betting method, you'll lose. This craps how-to teaches you everything you need to know about the Gambler's Fallacy and why it's a bad craps strategy.

How to Win at Craps: Professional Craps Player? Nonsense!

Learn craps in this craps how-to and learn why there's no such thing as a "craps professional." If someone says he's a craps pro, or says he knows someone who is, then he's lying through his teeth or too stupid to know better.

How to Win at Craps: Calculating the Casino Advantage

This craps how-to will teach you how the casino always has an advantage over you. No matter what craps strategy or craps betting technique you use, the casino always has the advantage. This lesson teaches you exactly what that advantage is.