Craps Betting 2-3-11-12 Bets

The 2, 3, 11, and 12 bets are individual one-roll bets on each individual number. Note, if you make all four of these bets at the same time, it's called a Horn bet. The craps table layout has a box in the center section for each number, 2, 3, 11, and 12. You can bet on one of these numbers or any combination of them. For example, suppose the player across from you tosses a $5 chip to the center of the table and shouts, "I want snake eyes and boxcars, high on the boxcars." Can you tell me what craps bets, and for how much, does that player want? Wow! I thought I'd trick you with that question, but you answered it right! Yes, he wants $2 on the 2 and $3 on the 12. If anything other than 2 or 12 shows on the next roll, both craps bets lose.

The 2 is very often called "snake eyes." The 3 is also called "ace deuce." The 12 is also called "boxcars." The 11 is usually called "yo" or "yo-leven." When an 11 shows in the game of casino craps, the stickman typically calls "yo" (or occasionally "yo-leven") to differentiate it from a "seven." Since "eleven" can sometimes sound like the number "seven," the stickman calls it a "yo" so everyone at the table doesn't get confused.